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    Transportation Verification Cards Transportation Verification Cards Transportation Verification Cards
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    Transportation Verification Cards

    Heidi offers commute authorities effective identity management solutions to build seamless community transport experiences.

    Employee ID

    Staff ID badge printing for verification and easy identification of personnel.

    Toll Collection

    Issuing preloaded cards for toll collection to allow rapid and agile traffic management, without the need for cash on hand. This solution also reduces overall costs and eliminates scam transactions.

    Parking Payments

    Issuance of parking cards to monitor and control designated public parking spots around the region. These cards can be usually issued annually, biannually, or quarterly. Also, preloaded cards can be used as an alternative solution for public parking meters, in replacement of physical cash or coins.

    Payment Cards

    Customized preloaded cards issued to users for public transportation access and efficient, timely, and convenient transportation payments.