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    Academic ID Cards in Bulk Academic ID Cards in Bulk Academic ID Cards in Bulk
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    Academic ID Cards in Bulk

    Heidi offers educational institutions robust identity management solutions at scale.

    Employee and Student IDs

    Authenticate faculty members and students to allow access into respective institution areas. Also, these cards permit visitors to easily identify academic individuals.

    Physical Access Control

    Design cards to safeguard the educational premise, members, and students from any external intrusion and security threats by allowing only authorized personnel.

    Vehicle Access Control

    Instantly print cards to permit and monitor vehicle access into the facility and restrict unauthorized cars.

    Time Attendance

    Academic institutions benefit from ID card monitoring to monitor attendance reports and gain input for reward purposes. It can also be used to ensure that all students are attending their classes on time.

    Payment Cards

    Payment card issuance to enable cashless transactions and reduce administrative costs and theft. Multi-use preloaded cards are suitable for transactions such as school fees, canteen purchases, bookstores, etc.