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    Secure Government ID Cards Secure Government ID Cards Secure Government ID Cards
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    Secure Government ID Cards

    Government identity verification cards by Heidi, enjoy added layers of digital and physical protection for ultimate security.

    Personnel ID

    Identity cards by Heidi printing solutions fulfill quality measures and the compliance standards required by public authorities and government regulations, to ensure optimal identity verification. Identity cards are printed for internal members and ID badges for visitors to identify people within the vicinity.

    Visitor Management

    Design and issue visitor ID cards to control and secure access to restricted zones. Visitor badges present further security layers by allowing personnel to monitor the duration of each visit.

    Identity Access Control

    Plastic cards printed for access security purposes to help government personnel safeguard facilities and premises from unauthorized entry, with added layers of protection to reinforce security levels.

    • Visitor Passes
    • Print high-quality identity cards with photos for added identity verification accuracy.
    • Vehicle Access Cards
    • Permit card issuance to assigned vehicles for authorized access into government zones.
    • Logical Access Cards
    • Specialized cards for authorized cardholders who manage confidential information. These identity cards are password encrypted and require a login to access confidential information, such as e-material, government programs, and any confidential information.

    Time Attendance

    Printing identity cards that can monitor movement within the government premises and record time-in and time-out sessions. Prevent delays and unrecorded absence.

    Payment Cards

    Design preloaded payment cards linked to payroll, allowing employees to pay for services within the government entity, such as canteen purchases and any other charged services available.

    Card Applications

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    When it comes to the public sector, product and service proposals are meticulously revised to make sure they agree with government-level standards of quality, reliability, and technological advancement...